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Bali Quad Bike and Rafting: Itinerary Tours, Inclusive Package, and Preparations

Bali Quad Bike and Rafting: Itinerary Tours, Inclusive Package, and Preparations

Do you want to have fun things to do in Bali? Bali Quad Bike and Rafting are a double activity tour that is suitable to fill your holiday in the island.

Both activities are designed properly to give you a fun and memorable experience in wilderness of Bali and will also provide many thrills and challenges throughout its tracks.

They will really make your holiday become more unforgettable.

Quad Bike and Rafting Tour

Atv Adventure
Atv Adventure

If you are looking for the combination package above at affordable price, you can get it on Quad Bike Rafting.

The tour package that we offer is best choice for you who want to spend the holiday with beloved family, friends, or other groups.

That’s because includes many conveniences and facilities, among of them are:

  • Transport Service
  • Licensed Driver
  • Lunch
  • Full Safety Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Instructor guide
  • 2 hours quad bike
  • 2 hours rafting

What do you may expect during the tour? Let’s learn more in the following!

Transport Services

Waterfall Track Atv Bali
Waterfall Track Atv Bali

In specified time, we will be ready to pick up at the place where you are staying. Whether it’s Kuta, Ubud, Sanur, canggu, Seminyak, or others.

The trip from hotel to adventure spot will be led by a licensed driver in a cozy car service, that’s always well-maintained by us.

Meanwhile, return back service is also included in the price. So, you don’t need to think much about it!


In the package, we have prepared the best adventure spot to you namely:

  1. Rafting at Ayung River

Ayung Rafting
Ayung Rafting

In first itinerary, we will go rafting in popular river spot near Ubud for many rafters. That names “Ayung River”.

The river has a long route about 12 kilometers and is often chosen by the beginners because of offering the level of easier obstacles which even can be tried for the people who have no experience before it.

Although the route is called easy but every rafter is required to use full safety equipment such as a helm and a life jacket before adventuring exactly near the locker area.

The equipment is important to save the safety during the adventure and all is prepared by the adventure provider.

After using the full equipment, the rafter will have a short trekking by walking down on the footpath with the stair to get the river bank.

River Rafting
River Rafting

There are a few of inflatable boats that line up there as parking on the river bank, each of them is equipped by a few paddles.

The guides will also exist to wait you there and they will take you to warm up and do simulating a few techniques.

Then, the rafter is formed in a few group which consist of 4 – 5 participants with a guide on each inflatable boat.

The adventure probably take about 2 hours and will go through some of picturesque points such as a stunning scenery of small forest along the sides of river.

It looks so green by stretch of green wild plants which overgrown on the sides.

Not only that, a fascinating cascade will been also seen on a cliff wall. You may take a break while enjoy its fresh and light water flow or just take a few interesting photos there.

Carving Art
Carving Art

Meanwhile, the river track is not only about the beautiful nature view but also offer the authentic art aspect which you can look at the rocks along the river bank.

The rocks provide an amazing carving which shows off Balinese typical characteristic. The point is so impressive and the most wanted by the rafter.

After finishing it, we take a break while having a lunch. Next, it will be continued to try another outdoor activity on quad bike (also known as all-terrain vehicles).

  1. Quad Bike Riding at Kuber Adventure

Quad Bike Riding Bali
Quad Bike Riding Bali

Bali quad bike riding will take place at Kuber Adventure Bali, a spot which is located in Melinggih Kelod Village, Payangan District, Gianyar Regency. It’s about 8.6 km northwest from Ubud Center.

The spot is truly favorite by many tourist in Ubud because of offering the thrilling track and special points such as: rice fields, river tracks, a small forest, a waterfall, and also a tunnel (better known as a cave).

There are 2 kind of packages to choose in atv adventure as a single tour (solo riding) and a tandem tour (riding with a partner).

The adventure can be tried by people who is aged from 6 – 65 years old. They who are is 18 years and above, may ride a quad bike by itself. For 6 – 17 years old can be join in tandem tour.

Before starting the adventure, every participant is also required to use a provided safety equipment namely: a helm and gumboots.

The guide will also tell and teach a few basic techniques as steps in operating an accelerator and breaks. Then, the riders will make a line on their own quad bike with a few guide in the front, middle, and back.

Tunnel Atv Track
Tunnel Atv Track

The adventure will take about 2 hours, you should be ready to face with various kind of obstacles and thrills along the track, namely: steep mounds and muddy ways.

All that is not only challenging but also full of beautiful view which will exist to impress your eyes such as fascinating rice field, fabulous waterfall, lush forest, and dark cave.

The cave is most wanted part by visitor because of offering a different experience for quad bike adventure. It is so long and as wide as a quad bike.

Every rider is also required to turn on a front light so that get a clear sight.

Important Preparations

Ayung White Rafting
Ayung White Rafting

For getting fun tour experience, there are some items you should remember to bring such as:

  • A few set of change clothes
  • Sunscreen/sunblock
  • Sunglass
  • Sport shoes or flip flops
  • Extra cash money
  • Waterproof Camera (optional)

Make sure you remember all of them exist into your bag before going to adventure.

Book Tour Easily

Perhaps you have any question or want to book, let’s call us via contact below.

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