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Tandem Quad Bike Bali Tour in Village, Forest, and Cave Track

Tandem Quad Bike Bali Tour in Village, Forest, and Cave Track

Tandem Quad Bike Bali Tour is recommended adventure for those of you who want to have fun outdoor activity in the island.

The tour will allow two persons to adventure on a same quad bike, which one as a rider and another as a passenger (shifting each other).

Hidden Track in Ubud

Bali ATV Tandem in Hidden Spot of Ubud
Bali ATV Tandem in Hidden Spot of Ubud

As others, the tandem quad bike tour will be also held along the dirty tracks in hidden spot of Ubud’s north.

The track requires you to ride and obstacles muddy and wet terrains which give thrilling and challenging sensations when pressing accelerator of the quad bike.

Along it, you also get through some beautiful nature points as: rural area and small forest.

Starting the Adventure

Before adventuring, the participants are required to apply safety equipment such as: a helm and gumboots.

The guides also exist to tell and teach about techniques and simulations of atv riding to all participants. That’s important to prevent and minimize the unexpected accident during the adventure.

Then, the participants will make a long line on each quad bike, which the guides accompany at front and back of line.

  1. The Rural Area
Bali Atv Riding in Rural Area
Bali Atv Riding in Rural Area

The adventure is started at parking area of quad bike and you will get through rural area at first time. Ride to follow along quad bike route.

The terrain is still easy to pass; there are a few rice fields in some points along the route.

If you adventure before the harvest, then the rice field looks so stunning in green overlay. Otherwise, it only seems like dirt field after the harvest.

Along the route, you may surely see the local farmers who are working on each field in still traditional equipment and techniques.

  1. The Forest Route
ATV Adventure along Bali Forest with Waterfall
ATV Adventure along Bali Forest with Waterfall - Photo by @lizziewicks

After that, we will ride and get through route in small forest area, where you will see more challenging and thrilling obstacles which may pump your adrenaline rush.

The obstacles are steep tracks with short curves, the rider usually experience difficulty when passing it.

However, you shouldn’t be afraid because the guides will exist to motivate and help the participant to conquer.

In the middle of the track, you will see a waterfall on the wall cliff. You can stop to break or take some photos for a while.

  1. The Long Cave Route
Bali ATV Riding in Cave Route
Bali ATV Riding in Cave Route

Next, you will get to the most wanted part by atv rider. That named cave route, only one in the island for now.

The cave was a Japanese relic tunnel in 19th century, which used to be for a waterway. However, it looks like an empty long-tunnel that is as wide of quad bike.

Meanwhile, the situation of cave is so dark which every rider must turn on front light of atv along the route.

Finishing the Adventure

After the adventure finished, your body and clothes will be wet and dirty surely. You can take a shower and change the clothes in provided room.

Shower room and towel be usually provided by the operators.

Need to Know!

Before going to adventure, make sure to prepare a set of clothes for changing (the adventure) in your bag

Having a Delicious lunch

In the end, you can enjoy a lunch which is provided by operators. The lunch is usually Indonesian buffet menus.

It is so delicious to enjoy after spending much energy in challenging adventure.

More Detail for Tandem ATV Tour

More detail, you can find out it by visiting ATV Tandem Bali Tour Price. Or you can send a question in text via whatsapp and email.

Have fun and easy adventure!

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