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Bali Atv Ride Tour

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  • Bali Atv Ride Tour
  • Bali Atv Ride Tour
  • Bali Atv Ride Tour
  • Bali Atv Ride Tour
  • Bali Atv Ride Tour

Bali Island is not popular for its authentic art and culture but also amazing nature spots such as: tropical forests and beaches.

The beauty of both spots can be explored in a fun adventure namely Bali Atv Ride Tour

That’s an outdoor activity that will challenge you to conquer obstacles of muddy and wet terrains in nature spots.

The activity will use a quad bike or all-terrain vehicle (atv) in conquering and allow you to adventure while exploring the beauty of nature along sides of tracks route.

Kind of Atv Routes in Bali

ATV Adventure along Bali Forest with Waterfall
ATV Adventure along Bali Forest with Waterfall - Photo by @lizziewicks

What are the natural points that can be explore in atv tour? the tour usually take some routes of nature as follows!

1. Forest

The atv tour in track forest is plenty available by adventure tour operators in Ubud Area. The forest route usually provides more challenging tracks such as muddy terrains and steep mounds.

Some of the forest routes may also have a river track therein, where you will get through it while witnessing impressive view of lush trees surrounds.

2. Rice Field

Atv tour in rice field route may also be found in the adventure operator near Ubud. The rice field route offers a riding experience along muddy and wet ground way and is near the traditional village.

Hence, you may have thrilling adventure while seeing the local people’s life and make an interaction with them.

3. Beach

Atv tour in beach route may you get in Tabanan Regency area. Along the route, you will get through wide sand terrain and a traditional village in coastal area.

The track is usually easier and proper for you who want to adventure while exploring the beauty of beaches.

4. Tunnel (Cave)

Atv tour in tunnel or cave route can only be found on an adventure spot in Payangan Area, Ubud.

Riding along tunnel route is felt different of others because you will ride a quad bike along dark and narrow terrain.

Hence, you need to turn on a front light of vehicle so that may see the beauty of caves.

All of tracks above are exciting and challenging to pass and can be found on adventure tour operators in Bali.

Types of ATV transmission

Test Your Adrenaline Along Wet and Muddy Track
Test Your Adrenaline Along Wet and Muddy Track - Photo by @bam_gautam

In operational of atv, it depends on transmission types applied such as automatic and manual.

Let’s find out each of them in the following.

  1. Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmission is a type that allows you to operate the vehicle easily because you don’t need to shift gear and use a cloth at the same time, all work automatically.

You just need to focus on use of an accelerator and breaks during riding. The transmission type is similar into a matic scooter.

  1. Manual Transmission

Manual transmission is an opposite of automatic type, which requires you to shift gear while using a clutch at same time appropriately.

Moreover, the shift of gear must also be right in accordance on the kind of terrain as: lower gear for uphill road and higher for increasing the speed.

Its operational is like a sport bike.

The transmission is more recommended for the professional because of more powerful to conquer the most challenging tracks.

Conclusion: the use of automatic transmission is easier than manual and it is suitable for beginner.

Meanwhile, most of adventure tour operators in Bali prefer to provide a quad bike vehicle with automatic transmission for easing the participant in operational.

Tips When Having ATV Tour

Exploration along Balis Beach on Quad Bike
Exploration along Bali's Beach on Quad Bike - Photo by @kevon

For having safe and fun adventure, there are some tips that you should know before joining to ride atv tour as follows.

1. Bring complete preparation

Bring a complete preparation before you have atv tour. The preparation consists of a set change of cloth, sunglass, sunblock, and also a camera.

All those are mandatory items to make your adventure become safe and fun.

For a helm and gumboots are usually included in tour package. So, you don’t need to prepare them.

2. Do turning correctly

Need to remember that technique of turning on atv is different of a motorcycle.

When want to turn right, then lean your body slight to the left. Otherwise, lean your body to fight if turning right.

That’s done to avoid the vehicle become turned upside down.

4. Avoid lowering your legs

If you are used to lower your legs when losing your balance on motorcycle, then avoid doing it in riding atv.

Caused it may be fatal to yourself because wheels of vehicle can erode and injure your legs particularly when the vehicle is still running.

Hence, keep your legs on the treadles when you feel losing your balance during riding.

5. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverage

Whenever you want to have atv tour, make sure you are not in an effect of alcoholic beverages.

Because of feeling drunk during riding can make you lose control and fatal for your safety.

So, avoid drinking alcoholic beverage when you plan to join in quad bike tour.

Bali ATV Tour Price

Bali Atv Tour in Jungle Forest Track
Bali Atv Tour in Jungle Forest Track - Phoyo by @alexannohosafo

For the price of atv tour in Bali can usually be divided into 2 kind of package such as:

1. Single Atv Package

Single package mean a participant (above 17 years old) will be allowed to ride a vehicle as a solo rider. It usually ranges from USD $40 – USD $60.

2. Tandem Atv Package

Tandem package means an atv bike for two persons (a rider and one as for passenger). It ranges from USD $95 – USD $130.

The price above has included: hotel transfer, full safety equipment, professional guide, insurance, shower, change room, and even lunch

Meanwhile, some of the operators also allow you to combine between atv adventure with others activity such as: rafting, tubing, or swing and offers a special price to you.

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