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Bali White Water Rafting

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  • Bali White Water Rafting
  • Bali White Water Rafting
  • Bali White Water Rafting
  • Bali White Water Rafting
  • Bali White Water Rafting

Vacationing in Bali Island is not only about white sandy beaches but also fun adventures in nature spots as Bali white water rafting.

White water rafting is an outdoor activity that will involve you in navigation while conquering some rapids and cascade along river route.

The navigation generally uses an inflatable boat that may be boarded for a rafting group (5 participants and a guide).

Each participant will be required to hold a paddle, an item to move and control the direction of boat during rafting.

Best Rivers in Bali for Rafting Tour

In Bali Island, there are many rivers but not all will be proper as for a rafting spot. The following are some popular rivers that you may choose to start your rafting experience.

1. Ayung River

Rafting Adventure at Ayung River
Rafting Adventure at Ayung River - Photo by @abfamus

Ayung River is the most popular spot in Bali and located about 20 kilometers from Ubud center.

The spot offers a rafting experience in 10 kilometers long route (approximately 2 hours to finish) that’s categorized into classes II – III.

The classes mean you will see and get through small waves, medium stream, gaps of large rocks, and cascade (under 4 meters).

Besides rafting experience, you have opportunity to see another attractiveness of the Ayung River.

The attractiveness is authentic carving ornaments that stretch out about 300 meters along sides of river.

The ornament was created by 50 local carvers and illustrated the figures in Ramayana Story.

Not only that, you will also see beauty of lush nature as small forest and a waterfall points.

Recommendation of Tour Operators

2. Telaga Waja River

Rafting Adventure at Telaga Waja River
Rafting Adventure at Telaga Waja River - Photo by @yulis.asmarani

Telaga Waja River is the longest rafting spot in Bali and located in Muncan Village, Karangasem Regency (the eastern of the island).

The spot is suitable for true adventurers because offering long track about 16 kilometers and take approximately 2.5 – 3 hours to finish it.

It is categorized in classes II – IV that means you will see and face a rafting route with gaps of large rocks, medium waves or stream, and cascade (under 6 meters).

Its water seems still unspoiled and looks so clear.

Moreover, you also may witness stunning view of rice field and forests surrounds. Both may impress your eyesight during rafting.

Recommendation of Tour Operators

3. Melangit River

Rafting at Melangit River
Rafting at Melangit River

Melangit River is another rafting spot that located in hidden place, exactly in Klungkung Regency where the location is about 1.5 hour (38 kilometers) from Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport.

It seem like a far the hustle of urban, hence you may find a fresh and calm atmosphere during rafting.

Its route is about 7.5 kilometers long and takes approximately 1.5 hour to finish it.

Although the spot sounds shorter than both above but it offers challenging rapids level for the beginners as between class II – III.

Which it mean you face small waves, medium stream, gaps of large rocks, and cascade (under 4 meters) during adventures.

Meanwhile, stunning view of green forest also exists along sides of river.

If you do rafting in the morning particularly then tunable bird chirps may also make your adventure become more fun.

Recommendation of Tour Operators


Which one is the best among Ayung, Telaga Waja, or Melangit?

If you are a beginner or want to have first rafting experience then Ayung and Melangit River are recommended spots to try.

Otherwise, if you are experienced and want to have more challenging experience in long route then Telaga Waja River is a good spot to choose.

Bali Rafting Price

The rafter get a gap of rocks
The rafter get a gap of rocks - Photo by @masseba_rex

Price of rafting tour in Bali usually may be divided into 2 kinds as follows:

Rafting Tour Price for Adult: $ 75

Rafting Tour Price for Children: $ 50

Note: the prices probably may changes anytime or every different operator. And they depends on facilities and services that includes there in.

As above, the price have usually included as:

  • Transfer Hotel, a pick up and drop off services as from hotel to rafting spot and vice versa.
  • Professional guide, to accompany a group rafting in each boat.
  • Safety equipment, consists of a helm, a life jacket, elbow and knee pads.
  • Shower and range room, sometimes it includes a towel.
  • Insurance coverage, a guarantee during adventures.
  • Lunch, served after rafting finish.

Meanwhile, rafting activity can be combined with other activities into one tour namely:

Tips Rafting For the Beginner

Conquer rapids and cascades in Rafting Bali
Conquer rapids and cascades in Rafting Bali - Photo by @mchael.wei

For fluency, there are some things the beginner know and remember before rafting as:

  • Healthy Body

When you plan to do rafting, take care of your health before it.

It can be done by exercising regularly and eating nutritious foods so that you may conquer rafting spot with spirit feeling.

  • Comfortable cloth

Wear comfortable cloth as in fit size for rafting so that eases you in moving freely.

  • Warm up

Before rafting, the guide usually takes the participants to warm up. It is matter to do so that your muscles may be avoided of cramps.

So, do warming up in earnest during the adventuring.

  • Obey guide’s instructions

Besides warming up, the guides will also teach some simulations of techniques for rafting.

You should remember and obey all of them so that your adventure may become fluent and safe.

Well, above are everything you should know. Have a fun and safe rafting tour!

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